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"Designed for Listening" oil painting by Paula Zima
"Designed for Listening"

I recently had my first exhibit here in Santa Fe.  Each year the
Wells Fargo Bank downtown near the plaza offers a juried competition
for "featured artist of the month" in their foyer gallery.  My work was
chosen for the month of March.  Hoorah!  

I've been doing a lot of painting from life for the past few years, and experimenting with how to take that information and apply it to the
drawings that I do in my sketchbook.  

When it came to deciding on a theme and title for the show, it was a
challenge, "Okay, so what's it gonna be?"  I decided finally to go with
my most favorite, default theme, which is cats. I've also been doing a
lot of thinking about empty bowls, as metaphors for a quiet, open mind.

I'm delighted with what finally emerged.  I hope you will enjoy it as well.
The exhibit was called "The Cat and Bowl Series: A Non-Serious Investigation into the Art of Listening".  You find the paintings that
haven't yet found homes in the Available Paintings section.

I offer artwork in many forms - painting and sculpture, in several price ranges, for yourself or as gifts.  The site is here for you to purchase from,  or simply to enjoy.

I love comments, questions and feedback, please use the comment form below.

Paula ~

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