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There is a new page on this site, it has
comments, drawings and photos of a
project I'm working on... I was asked to
be the sculptor for a monument to Theodore
Roosevelt, in San Luis Obispo, California.
Why, there, you may ask...

As president of the USA in 1903, TR as
I'm told he liked to be referred to, wanted
to see the West coast. He traveled
by train and gave loads of speeches along
the way. He saw the Grand Canyon for the
first time, and so many other
beautiful places.

He stopped in San Luis Obispo and gave
a speech to 10,000people in Mitchell Park,
downtown SLO. Not a single photograph from
that day has been located, I find that hard
to believe, but so far none have surfaced...
everyone was too focused on TR, and forgot
to get out their cameras...
On that tour, TR began speaking publicly
about how important it is to the future
of our beautiful country to preserve
the great natural forests, wild lands
and treasures, like the Grand Canyon,
Yosemite, Chaco Canyon. Doing so
impacts our environment, as well as
our physical, mental and spiritual health.

I lived in that part of the world for
30 years before settling for a while
in New Mexico. I continue to visit there
as often as I can, it's one of the most
beautiful places that there is.

I happen to love to sculpt and have been
fond of TR for most of my life. I am thankful
for the opportunity to learn more about him
while I do my best to create something
that will honor his memory as well as
show him to be quite relevant to today.

This is a privately funded community art
project for the City of San Luis Obispo.
Arts Obispo is providing fiscal


The painting above was developed from
a sketch made while visiting Lisbon, Portugal
several years ago. You can read more about it
in the Available Paintings section.

My artwork is offered
in many forms...
painting and sculpture,
in several price ranges,
for yourself or as gifts. 
The site is here for you
to purchase from, 
or simply to enjoy.

Comments, questions and feedback,
please use the comment form below.

Paula ~


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